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About us:- Here at FlippaNews, you can gain information about News like Technical News, Sports News, EntertainmentHealth, Education and All over the World News.

Flippanews.com was formed by Denshailesh & Rohan in the year of November 2017.

FlippaNews.com is one of the largest online portal in India for Latest Trends. we are trying our best to raise the voice of youths to apply new ideas at FlippaNews.com

Our main motive is to provide our readers good contents. FlippaNews brings Top and Latest News.

Currently we also have a Youtube Channel of “FlippaNews” and it is our official Youtube Channel as we are less number of people so we are not able to post and make videos of all News Related, if in future the number of person such as Author, Contributor to our Website increase, we may put forth our efforts so that you may not ever miss any New Contents in the world.

We are trying our best to make it as easy as possible for our readers to read easily and understand the contents.

This site is Available for Readers 24*7.

For issues regarding advertisement, copyright issues or ideas sharing, you can contact us on the following details. you can moreover contact us directly through our contact page.

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