Android Oreo 8.0 Features, Specifications

Android Oreo 8.0 Features | On August 21, 2017, Google announced the launch of the last version of Android 8.0 Orao, which is smarter, faster and more powerful than ever. Android 8.0 Oreo is the latest version of the Android software by Google. The common name for the Android version is officially known as the Orao 8.0 Google’s own pixel and Nexus devices will be the first to get Android Oreo via the Android Ore Source Project (AOP).

Android Oreo 8.0 Features, Specifications

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Google has mentioned in their post that they are working with their partners and at the end of the year, HMD Global (Nokia Phone-making company), Huawei, General Mobile, HTC, Kyokara, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony are launching or upgrading to Android 8.0 OreOV It is planned to be done.

The special features of the Android 8.0 Orao
Picture-in-Picture mode OREO allows users to use two apps together, as if you are watching a video on YouTube, and this means that you get an instant message reply or you need to book a cab, but you do not want to close that video. Now with this feature you Both tasks can continue.

Smart text selection

This feature includes a smart action that will depend on the content you choose such as URL and suggest that the operating system will operate in Oreo Chrome.

Battery Saver

Now OREO will control your apps in the working mode in the background, which means it means broadcasting, broadcasting, background location and location updates. This will extend your battery life and give you long-term, longer-efficient devices.


There is also a new feature called notification channel where you will be able to customize your notification range and keep the instructions of your essential app at the top of the ones you use. You’ll be able to calm down the notifications you do not want and then return them

Sound quality

To improve your wireless cens, this is a ‘high-quality Bluetooth audio codec’. For that inspiration Sony is clearly a major partner, it also provides Oregon bug fixes up to 250 bugs.

System Optimization

Android Orao runs apps fast and easy. The search giant has made changes to its runtime, which includes new optimizations such as concurrent computing garbage collection, code area and more.

New Emoji

Google has launched a new set of emojis that are more user-friendly.

AutoFill support

Google has featured on this new AutoFill API that allows users to select passwords and apps that store apps as their preferred AutoFill app.

How will it be useful to users now? Many people use password administrative apps because they store important data, which is not safe for some time.


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